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     Title Singer Download Stats
    Chandan Singh Download 0
    Yashwa Francis Download 5
    Zubin Ernest Download 3
    Pervaiz Shaan Download 5
    Ashir Amanat Download 4
    Moon Javed Download 17
    Sagar Inayat Download 18
    Oreem Gill Download 15
    Naveed Bhatti Download 16
    Kamran Mushtaq Download 27
    Pervaiz Shaan Download 24
    Pervaiz Shan Download 22
    Pervaiz Shan Download 17
    Pervaiz Shan Download 14
    Tehmina Tariq Download 30
    Anita Samuel Download 20
    - Download 14
    Chandan Singh Download 17
    Roma Carolyn Download 14
    Tribute to the Martyrs of Church Blast in Peshawar Download 16
    Nudrat Yaqoob Download 18
    Afia Shahzad Download 15
    Youab Gill Download 21
    ASHLEY JOSEPH Download 18
    - Download 16
    Kamran Mushtaq Download 15
    Kashif Chohan Download 18
    Shahid Jimmy Download 14
    Pastor Shahzad ilyas Download 11
    Shamey and Brattly Download 22
    Pastor Shahzad ilyass Download 10
    Pastor Shahzad ilyas Download 13
    Zahid Azeem Download 19
    Ashley Joseph Download 19
    Ashley Joseph Download 16
    Asher Khursheed Download 15
    Ranjit J Abraham Download 19
    Emmanuel Gollar Download 12
    Kamran Mushtaq Download 14
    Benson Britto Download 17
    SHARON ALEX Download 27
    Pastor Shahzad Ilyas Download 18
    Gopal Masih Download 19
    Pastor Sunny Amoon and Kumar Sanu Download 38
    Pastor Sunny Amoon Download 24
    Pastor Sunny Amoon Download 27
    Pastor Sunny Amoon Download 27
    Shaan Download 29
    Tehmina Tariq Download 53
    Kamran Mushtaq Download 30
    Sadaf Samuel Download 28
    Kamran Mushtaq Download 34


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