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     Title Singer Download Stats
    A. Nayyar Download 36
    A Nayyar Download 36
    A. Nayyar Download 30
    A. Nayyar Download 30
    A. Nayyar Download 31
    A. Nayyar Download 20
    A. Nayyar Download 22
    A. Nayyar Download 18
    A. Nayyar Download 20
    A. Nayyar Download 24
    Martin Saleem Download 29
    Augustine Johnson and Humaira Channa Download 26
    Chandan Singh Download 38
    Revival The Band Download 42
    Suzaina Jawaid Download 38
    The Church of Signs and Wonders Download 34
    Adeel Bashir Download 43
    Adeel Bashir Download 36
    Saba Mubarak & Salma Arif Download 65
    Sunil Waris and Anita Waris Download 56
    Saleem Naz Download 31
    Band Mishermale Download 53
    Sephora Mukhtar Download 48
    Alishy Saluman Download 42
    Ghulam Abbass Download 42
    Tehmina Tariq Download 67
    Rose Merry Download 41
    Salamat Rehmat and Ambreen Abbas Download 39
    Nasry Church of Pakistan's church's choir Download 40
    Kishore Samuel Download 26
    Kashif Chohan Download 50
    Tehmina Tariq & Malik Shah Download 59
    The Church of Signs and Wonders Download 46
    Pastor Francis Feroz Download 54
    Pastor Francis Feroz Download 42
    Pastor Francis Feroz Download 28
    The Church of Signs and Wonders Download 60
    Tehmina Tariq Download 66
    Haroon George Download 40
    Younis Robin Gyani Download 45
    - Download 55
    - Download 38
    Sagar Inayat Download 72
    Sagar Inayat Download 64
    Sagar Inayat Download 78
    Sagar Inayat Download 48
    - Download 46
    - Download 39
    - Download 36
    - Download 55
    - Download 52
    - Download 50

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