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     Title Singer Download Stats
    Quincy Download 52
    Tabitha Download 49
    Pastor Francis Feroz Download 148
    Pastor Francis Feroz Download 101
    Pastor Francis Feroz Download 114
    Pastor Francis Feroz Download 126
    Pastor Francis Feroz Download 133
    Pastor Francis Feroz Download 141
    Dimple Cheeda Download 100
    Bennet Shahzad Download 70
    Bennitt Download 58
    Asif Bhatti Download 94
    Asif Bhatti Download 91
    Asif Bhatti Download 59
    Asif Bhatti Download 65
    Afshaan Download 73
    Afshaan Download 57
    Afshaan Download 49
    Afshaan Download 57
    Afshaan Download 53
    Afshaan Download 64
    Afshaan Download 51
    Afshaan Download 43
    Afshaan Download 63
    Patras Shad Download 62
    Rocky Dilawar Download 65
    BASHIR SHAD Download 100
    BASHIR SHAD Download 72
    BASHIR SHAD Download 55
    BASHIR SHAD Download 45
    BASHIR SHAD Download 99
    BASHIR SHAD Download 60
    Nasir Noor Download 76
    Raju Rangeela Download 87
    Putar Khuda De Download 87
    Raju Rangeela Download 59
    Raju Rangeela Download 65
    Raju Rangeela Download 79
    Raju Rangeela Download 78
    Amjad Waryam Download 59
    Amjad Waryam Download 62
    Amjad Waryam Download 63
    Amjad Waryam Download 89
    Amjad Waryam Download 79
    Amjad Waryam Download 51
    Amjad Waryam Download 54
    Amjad Waryam Download 58
    Amjad Waryam Download 57
    Amjad Waryam Download 56
    Eric Sarwar Download 56
    Sandeep Randhawa Download 81
    Tehmina Tariq Download 125
    Leo Victor Das Download 102

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